Five Things I Learned at the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival

This past weekend, Doug and I made the trip south to Dublin, Ohio, a town outside of Columbus that lives and breathes Irish. No surprise, with a name like that, I suppose.

It was our first visit to the Dublin Irish Festival, a three-day extravaganza that features fabulous Irish music and dance performances, lots of great food and drink, and crowds and crowds of people all enjoying themselves in the beautiful summer weather.

Here’s what we learned at the festival:

1. Weight Over Bar TossHighland Games athletes are awesome. We watched the Weight Over the Bar competition, in which the athletes attempt to toss a 56-pound weight (!) with an attached handle over a horizontal bar using only one hand. The bar kept being raised higher and higher as the competition went on, until finally we had a winner. He came thisclose to breaking a world record that day. Amazing. Plus–brawny men in kilts.

2. Irish dogs range from pretty small (Glen of Imaal Terrier) Glen of Imaal Terrier to incredibly enormous (Irish Wolfhound).Irish Wolfhound

3. We Banjo 3, an award-winning Irish old-time bluegrass band, really knows how to rock. WeBanjo3
Check them out at

4. The process of spinning and weaving Irish linen is not for the faint of heart. Timothy the Weaver showed how it’s done, but take my advice–it’s much easier just to buy it than to do it yourself.

Timothy Weaver

Ever Irish recommends an elegant Irish linen tablerunner from the Irish Linen House ( Linen House

5. St. Patrick is alive and well and living in Dublin (Ohio). St. Patrick

Stay Ever Irish,