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Of all the images you might see on posters of Ireland, in books about traveling in Ireland, and on Irish websites, probably pictures of the Cliffs of Moher are the most ubiquitous.  Although I have been to Ireland a number of times in the past years and have traveled around this magnificent Emerald Isle, for some reason I have never made it to the Cliffs. It’s not like I felt cheated when I got back home – the sightseeing I did do was pretty incredible, but for some reason, my itinerary never got me to County Clare.

When putting together the itinerary for our trip this past May, I told myself that this time there were no excuses to be made; it would definitely be on our agenda. So there we were, leaving Ennis, the capital of County Clare, to spend a day on the Cliffs. The weather was discouraging on the hour or so drive. While we started off in bright sunshine, as we got closer to the coast, the clouds/fog started rolling in. Moher-Blog3By the time we got to the visitor center parking lot, we could barely see the front of our car. Great, I finally get to the Cliffs of Moher and all I would get to see is a sign and thick fog.

As I handed the attendant my six euros to park, I asked her what the forecast was, and whether the fog would lift. She very confidently exclaimed: “No worries. It will clear shortly.” We walked the quarter mile or so to the visitor center, an impressive building built into an embankment of grass. The exhibits and videos there were fascinating, but I kept wondering if the video would be the best we were going to see of the Cliffs.

After exhausting all there was to see inside, we decided to venture out in hopes of catching any sign of what we had just seen in the exhibits. We walked outside and lo and behold, just as the parking lot attendant had said, the fog lifted, the sun came out, and there was not a cloud in the sky.  Amazing.  The first glimpse is just awe-inspiring. The sheer drop of the Cliffs, and the fact that they extend as far as the eye can see, definitely makes for a “WOW” moment.

PuffinWe decided to take a few-mile hike to the south to Hags Head.  Our first stop was close by where guides had set up telescopes so that we could see the large population of puffin birds that inhabit parts of the Cliff. These small, comical birds with a black and white evening suit and a colorful bill could have kept us entertained for hours, but the lineup of people also wanting to catch a glimpse through the scope, which is the only way to see them, gives you the kick in the pants you need to move on.

Just before leaving the boundaries of the official national site, we passed a memorial to those who have fallen to their deaths off the Cliffs. It is a startling reminder that there is no fence to prevent someone from falling 600 feet straight down into the ocean.Moher-Blog1I must say, this did not stop a number of people we saw from taking photos of themselves or friends perched precariously close to the edge. I hope they got a great shot because as far as I am concerned, they probably could have taken a very similar photo a few feet farther from the edge and closer to safety.

What a beautiful hike we had to Hags Head, where we had a picnic lunch with an amazing view. The return to the visitor center is just as awesome as the views going the other direction are so different even though were hiking the same trail. A special moment for us occurred as we happened upon a marriage proposal overlooking the Cliffs. Moher-Blog2The stunned bride to-be beamed as her friend photographed the whole scene. Luckily, she was not too close to the edge. And by the way, she said “Yes!

And we also say “Yes”. A visit to the Cliffs of Moher is a must for all. It will have you yearning for Moher.


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